Gas Installation Fees

  Connection / Tap Fee
Residential - Inside or Outside Corporate City Limits  
3/4 inch Service Line Connection Fee (Residential) $100.00
Service Line Installation Fee (per foot) $1.00
Inspection Fee $25.00
Commercial - Inside or Outside Corporate City Limits  
All commercial services that require a service line larger than 3/4 inch will be individually quoted prior to beginning construction.  

Example Calculation

Residential Service (100 feet long with 250 Ccf residential meter)  
Connection / Tap Fee $100.00
Inspection Fee $25.00
Service Line Fee ($1.00 / foot) $100.00
Total Charge $225.00

NOTE: LCUB Reserves the right to enact special assessment fees and / or any other charges that may be necessary to recover capital investments made during construction to provide natural gas service to any area of the distribution system.

(Effective 10/01/2011)