Wastewater Tap Schedule

  Connection / Tap Fee
Inside or Outside Corporate City Limits
All residential, commercial, and industrial customers $1,200.00
Road bores, casings, and road cuts Actual Cost per LF
Road bores, casings, and road cuts Actual Cost per LF
In-line manhole Actual Cost
Special Assessment Fees
Residential (single dwelling) $1,000.00
Residential (multi-dwelling) $1,000.00
Commercial $2,500.00


  1. In any part of the corporate city limits where sewer service is made available to residents from the date of availability (not to exceed 12 months), the tape fee is $150.00. After the 12 month period has expired, the normal tap fee shall apply.
  2. All Special Assessment Fees will be implemented upon the submission and approval of wastewater plans and specifications and / or request for wastewater service.
  3. The fees will be assessed and payment made up front for all residential, commercial, or industrial developments based on the total number of services being provided.
  4. LCUB charges Special Assessment and other fees to recover capital investments made during construction to provide wastewater service to any area of the collection system.

(Effective 08/22/2006)